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We are thrilled to have Vogue Italia to name Juhree Erba as one of the 5 handbag designers to watch!

"It's just a purse, but I feel naked without it," said Carrie Bradshaw, a woman who has been the fashion guru for years to millions of women, but how could we blame her? Indeed a purse is much more than just a life companion, it is both a silent confidence booster and a cherry-on-top to the style appendix. That's why it's so important to choose the right one among many options. With all the fads and classics, it is hard even for the handbag-addicts to keep up with the latest news.

That's why we have selected 5 brands of bags (maybe) still did not know for you. Beginning with ALEF, luxury leather goods brand born from the union between Titian Colasante and Alessia Auriemma, and Demanumea, who made every bag a unique piece and a true work of art. Then there are the contemporary creations signed Juhree Erba, the brand founded in 2015 by Korean designer Jung Juhree, the clutch-inspired pop Michele Chiocciolini, Made in Florence, and the collections of Sophie Hulme, famous for its sophisticated design and details gold.

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